About Me

Hello, friends! My name is Jeff Liberty coming to you from parts unknown to bring the world of edible Cannabis to your internet browsing history. I’ve been a big proponent of Cannabis and the variations of which to intake the substance for a while now, and I’ve obtained a bit of information in my time on the best ways to go about it and their benefits. Obviously, I’m personally biased towards the edible varieties. I’ve never been a smoker, but at one time I did use Cannabis in the standard fashion. It was not until a few years ago where I found out about edibles and Cannabutter that I really started digging into Cannabis as a medicinal substance for certain people.

It started out for me as a way to fix my anxieties and insomnia. At night I’d smoke a bit of bud and the day sort of melted away allowing me to get a bit of a new perspective on the things that stressed me out. I’d wake up the next morning, refreshed and less stressed no matter if I could use the next day or not. Every night I used Cannabis for a long time, and the next day would always seem a bit lighter and less of a hassle than the previous. But, still I was never a fan of the coughing fits I’d get sometimes during a smoke session and I wondered if there wasn’t a better way.

A friend introduced me to vaporization of Cannabis, which was much better than smoking. I’d pop my favorite amount of my favorite strain of bud in the little oven, the baggie would fill up and I would inhale. The biggest issue with this way of Cannabis use I found is it would come up very fast, and I had trouble figuring out the exact amount I wanted as it seemed quite a bit stronger than smoking ever did. The coughing fits went away though, but still I searched for an even better way to use.

Cooking with Cannabis came to me through the same friend, who said to me “Well, if vapeing is still a bit too much for you try this out.” and tought me a basic recipe for Cannabutter. I checked my recipe twice, made sure not to over-do the amounts as I have never been a fan of getting too high, and cooked throughout an entire day. That night I simply spread about a tablespoon of the substance on a piece of toast. I didn’t notice anything at first, but slowly but surely the best Cannabis high I ever obtained crept up on me. I was so mellow and relaxed, way better than the previous attempts at alternative Cannabis ingestion techniques.

So, there we have it. I love Cooking with Cannabis and I’m here to spread the news. It has helped me immensely with my back pain from work, the anxieties of life, and the insomnia that comes with the other two. I hope to educate people and they can obtain a similar relief through Cooking with Cannabis.